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Little Tykes on the Trails

Tifft Nature Preserve 1200 Furhmann Blvd, Buffalo

Enjoy a morning of early childhood fun with a story time, guided trail walk, and playful activities to help foster the nature explorer in your child. Bring your own snack to enjoy in the Center or on the Deck. Rain or shine. Age: 3-5 Cost: $8 per child with adult. BMS Members...

SciNight: Bugs for Grown-Ups

Tifft Nature Preserve 1200 Furhmann Blvd, Buffalo

Bug aficionadas, from beginner to expert, - join in a live guided bug hunt of  the fields, forests, and waters as daylight ends and night begins.  We'll investigate identification, record our findings, and explore the good and bad of our six-legged, eight-legged and no-legged wild neighbors while using scientific collection techniques. A...