Osprey Cam


The Tifft Nature Preserve Osprey Cam is brought to you by the generosity of the East Hill Foundation. 

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Discover the Tifft Osprey

The Osprey have landed! Tifft Nature Preserve is excited to announce that two adult ospreys have migrated back to Tifft! These large birds of prey mate for life and have returned to Tifft each year since 2011. In 2019, the pair of osprey produced three fledglings – the highest number to date.

The Tifft Ospreys have begun building a nest on a nesting platform overlooking Lake Kirsty. Over the next several weeks, they will continue to build their home, mate and lay eggs!

When visiting our new tenants at Tifft this summer, be mindful to keep your distance as we do not want to disrupt the birds. #TifftOspreyWatch


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