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Work is beginning in removing invasive buckthorn as part of the East Canal Ecological Renovation project. Trails may be closed daily, including Service Rd (south), Snakeroot Tr, Old Tifft St, Mosquito Jct Bdwk Tr, and Mounds Bypass. For your own safety, please heed all trail closure signage as heavy equipment is at work.


Revegetation of The Mounds and Lake Kirsty shoreline

Following the completion of the transfer of municipal waste from Unity Island to present-day Tifft Nature Preserve. The Tifft Farm Technical Advisory Committee developed a revegetation plan. The mounds were seeded and planted with pasture grasses, shrubs, and trees. This plan was systematic and ambitious, but more realistic than establishment of a mesic forest as suggested by the 1975 master plan. Many exotic species were used as part of this planting plan, in-line with best practices and availability of the time, but unfortunately, several of those species are considered invasive today and are established within the preserve.